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    1. Life and Times of Queen Anne

      When: June 7 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

      Queen Anne was the last of the Stuarts and suffered much personal tragedy but she ruled over an increasingly prosperous nation that had unprecedented military success in Europe under the Duke of Marlborough. Although Anne reigned for only 12 years they were momentous years in many ways. In politics they saw the Union between England… Read more »

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Maurice Ravel

Unravelling Ravel A study of his life and music and that of his contemporaries. Maurice Ravel was a very private man who wrote some of the best-loved music of the twentieth century although he always dismissed Bolero as merely an academic exercise – but then he never saw Torvill and Dean. Works studied include Pavane pour… Read more »

Mass in G minor

Kyrie Kyrie Gloria

An introduction to the Etruscan and Roman galleries at the British Museum

This course ran at the City Lit and the British Museum on Monday 27th July 2015. We had some background to Etruscan and Roman myths and history in the morning and a two hour tour of the museum in the afternoon. The handouts included Archaic Etruscan alphabet gods The Twelve Cities Roman timeline 2015