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    1. Great Voyages from Greek and Roman Myths – Jason, Odysseus and Aeneas

      When: January 28 @ 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

      A detailed examination of the voyages and their fantastical encounters relating them to reality.

    2. Classics Day 2018 Transitions From Pagan To Christian

      When: February 17 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

      The Classics Day is organised by the City Lit in conjunction with the British Museum and University College London.  Lectures are given by staff from all three institutes at the British Museum.  My topic uses objects from the BM such as the Hinton St Mary mosaic, the Esquiline Treasure, the Mildenhall Treasure, the Hoxne hoard,… Read more »

    3. Figureheads, Ship Badges and Silverware – Nineteenth Century Classical References in the National Maritime Museum

      When: February 25 @ 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

      Delve into classical myths used in naval related items by examining some of the NMM collection of C19th objects.  

Featured articles

Greenwich Park

History of Greenwich Park and its Royal Connections Using slides from the local history library and from my own collection we looked at how the area that is now Greenwich Park was occupied in prehistoric times and then was the site of a Roman temple during their occupation. The enclosure by Duke Humphrey was looked… Read more »

The Lewis Chess Set: archetype of Mediaeval Society

This topic was day four of a five part introduction to the European Galleries of the British Museum run at the City Lit and the Museum on 29 July 2013.  I hope to re-run the course in summer 2014. The British Museum holds astonishing artefacts which colour our understanding of Medieval society. The Lewis chessmen… Read more »

Women in Etruria and Rome

Ancient Etruscan and Roman Women Comparing and contrasting women in the societies of Ancient Etruria, Ancient Rome and Roman Britain including the importance of the worship of goddesses. Examining the position of women in Ancient Italy as well as the attitude to women as seen as goddesses. The contrasting roles of women in Etruscan and… Read more »