William Sterling


At The British Museum

I must have fallen in love with the British Museum as a child of nine or ten when my Primary School teacher used to take us on school trips there on frequent occasions.  Sometimes these were for specific exhibitions such as the Captain Cook’s first voyage bicentenary in 1968, but it soon became my first… Read more »

Kings and Queens of England

Kings and Queens of England The aim of this course was to study the role of England’s kings and queens in the government and culture of the country and examine how that role has changed and whether it is still relevant today and in the future. This course ran from the little known pre-Roman monarchs… Read more »

Victoria and Albert

The Life and Times of Victoria and Albert She gave her name to an Age. He gave us a cultural heritage to be proud of. Their marriage was a true love match and her widowhood from the age of 42, a national tragedy. Queen Victoria was our longest reigning monarch (so far). Her family life… Read more »

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