William Sterling


William and Mary

Life and Times of King William III and Queen Mary II A survey of the Life & Times of Britain’s only Joint Monarchs. They came to power in what was called the Glorious Revolution and although they only reigned a short while they laid the foundations for Modern Britain. It was also the period of… Read more »

The Ancient Greek World

The Greek Gallery tours start at 11:30 each day and last about 40 minutes. Normally they cover objects in galleries 13 to 23 depending on which are open. These include the Archaic period with famous objects such as the Sophilos dinos depicting the marriage of Peleus and Thetis and the iconic Exikias amphora showing Achilles… Read more »

Baltic Cruise Lecture 6

Lectures for Baltic and St Petersburg Cruise on the Ocean Countess July 2011 ANGLO-SAXONS AND VIKINGS – THE MAKING OF ENGLAND Lecture 6 Vikings Everywhere In the first five lectures we have looked at the transformation of Roman Britain into Anglo-Saxon England. By the time William of Normandy conquered Britain in 1066 many institutions and… Read more »

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