William Sterling


British Museum Highlights

This new 90 minute tour of the Museum costs £12 per head and can be booked in advance via the Museum’s website.  Originally we started in Room 2 with an introduction to the museum’s founder, Sir Hans Sloane and then one of the oldest objects in the museum, a hand axe from Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania… Read more »

George III

Life and Times of King George III  Infamous for “losing” America and going mad, George III was the first English-born king for over 70 years and a great patriot who supported agricultural improvements and helped advance learning in the Age of the Enlightenment.  This workshop explored his long life and how his attitude to kingship… Read more »

The Etruscans

This course was being run by the City Lit on Saturday 13th April 2013 and Saturday 29th April 2017.  Although their language has been lost the influence of the Etruscans on the Greeks and Romans was enormous and many objects survive today. The course included a visit to the British Museum. The Etruscans are one of… Read more »

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