William Sterling


George IV

Life and Times of King George IV George IV is perhaps best remembered as the Prince Regent whose extravagance was matched by his good taste. He built Brighton Pavilion in an exotic style which led the way to great changes in fashion. The Regency Period is still one of the most admired in architecture typified… Read more »

George II

Life and Times of King George II I ran this workshop at Crayford Manor (Bexley College) in November 2002 as part of a series on the Kings and Queens of England. I subsequently ran it at the City Lit in June 2019 and as a zoom class in February 2021. The 2002 workshop was run… Read more »

Sport in the Ancient World

I first ran a course at the City Lit on this on 12 February 2012 ready for the Olympics coming to London.  I also run private tours on the same subject at the British Museum and ran several during the Olympics. In 2015 the joint City Lit/UCL/British Museum annual Classics Day on Saturday 7th March… Read more »

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