William Sterling


Sport in the Classical World

I run a tour at the British Museum inspired by the Olympic Games which covers the origin of the Ancient Olympics and what events were covered in those games.  We can discuss how modern games differ from and are similar to their ancient cousins. The tour also covers some of the games not at Olympia… Read more »

Figureheads, Ship Badges and Silverware

Figureheads, Ship Badges and Silverware – Nineteenth Century Classical References in the National Maritime Museum This course was designed to delve into classical myths used in naval related items by examining some of the NMM collection of C19th objects and was run on Sunday 25th February 2018. Following on from the previous course we looked… Read more »

British Museum Highlights

This new 90 minute tour of the Museum costs £12 per head and can be booked in advance via the Museum’s website.  Originally we star ted in Room 2 with an introduction to the museum’s founder, Sir Hans Sloane and then one of the oldest objects in the museum, a hand axe from Olduvai Gorge,… Read more »

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