William Sterling


Queen Anne

The Life and Times of Queen Anne This was a one day course at the City Lit on Saturday 21st February 2015.  It was described thus Queen Anne was the last of the Stuarts and suffered much personal tragedy but she ruled over an increasingly prosperous nation that had unprecedented military success in Europe under… Read more »

Music and Art Inspired by Shakespeare 1

This is the first of six postings for lectures from the Cruise on the SAGA Pearl II to the Gulf of Bothnia. MUSIC AND ART INSPIRED BY SHAKESPEARE This series of Six Talks was devised to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in 2016. They were commissioned for a cruise to the Gulf of… Read more »

Baltic Cruise Lecture 5

Lectures for Baltic and St Petersburg Cruise on the Ocean Countess July 2011 ANGLO-SAXONS AND VIKINGS – THE MAKING OF ENGLAND Lecture 5 Vikings 1 England 0 Summary of Lecture 4 In the last lecture we examined how the West Saxon kings took advantage of the power vacuum left by the weak kings of Mercia… Read more »

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