William Sterling


George III

Life and Times of King George III I ran this workshop at Crayford Manor (Bexley College) in November 1999 as part of a series on the Kings and Queens of England. I ran a new version at the City Lit on 22 March 2015 Infamous for “losing” America and going mad, George III was the… Read more »

Sport in the Ancient World

I first ran a course at the City Lit on this on 12 February 2012 ready for the Olympics coming to London.  I also run private tours on the same subject at the British Museum and ran several during the Olympics. In 2015 the joint City Lit/UCL/British Museum annual Classics Day on Saturday 7th March… Read more »

Lindow Man: how did he come to be sacrificed?

This topic was day three of a five part introduction to the European Galleries of the British Museum run at the City Lit and the Museum on 26 July 2013.  I hope to re-run the course in summer 2014. We explored the mystery of Lindow man in the context of British history in the period… Read more »

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