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My name is Dr William Sterling ~ welcome to my website. I have degrees in History and Geography with additional qualifications in Music and Education.  I taught full-time at an Independent School in Kent for four years before joining the Civil Service.  I worked for 16 years in the Department of Transport where I had a variety of jobs including Private Secretary to two Ministers and as part of teams working on the Horses Bill (1990), Accommodation, Relocation, Contracts, Personnel, Finance, Road Planning and Computing.  I then worked for the Department for Education for 8 years, again in Finance and Personnel but also helping Failing Schools in the Fresh Start and other Programmes.

I took early retirement from the Civil Service in 2008.  As a Civil Servant I had enough free time to continue my academic studies for a number of non-qualification courses at Morley College and Goldsmith’s as well as completing my MA in 1988 (Birkbeck) and my PhD in 2008 (King’s College, London), attending the graduation ceremony in 2009.

Since 1992 I have been teaching Adult Education classes in History and the History of Music at Greenwich College, Bexley College, Morley College and the City Literary Institute.  In 2011 I added Cruise Ship Lecturer to my CV.  I specialise in Royal History and Music in the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries.  I have also given numerous one off talks to History and Music Societies and for charity.  I am a former chairman and current treasurer of the Department for Education Music Society, I sing in several choirs locally and in Central London and have composed over 40 works for a variety of ensembles ranging from piano and song through chamber and choral music to orchestral works.  I have been a volunteer eyeOpener guide at the British Museum since 1994 and have led more than 500 tours to date including some for Charities, Schools, History Societies and was one of the lecturers during the Museum’s 250th birthday celebrations in 2003.  My other hobbies include Badminton, Ballroom and Latin American Dancing, Theatre and Travel.

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