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The Queen’s House Greenwich

This tour was devised for a course entitled “Gods and Heroes: the influence of the Classical World on art in the C17th & C18th” at the Queen’s House in 2017 as the Queen’s House itself is the first neo-classical building in Britain and many of the objects displayed in it demonstrate the influence of the… Read more »

This tag: British Kings and Queens

England’s Earliest Kings: 5 Canute and the Turning of the Tide

The last 80 years of the Anglo-Saxon period saw turmoil with rival dynasties trying to take control.  Canute’s reign was a high point in this period.  His queen, Emma, was also a pivotal figure in our history. We will examine the decline of England’s security under Ethelred II and despite rich resources to call upon… Read more »

This tag: British Kings and Queens

The Modern European Galleries at the British Museum

The Mediaeval European collection in the museum holds some of the most famous objects found in this country including the Lewis Chessmen and the Sutton Hoo ship Burial.  These tend to overshadow their later European companions but many of these objects are as interesting and important to the history of our continent.  This virtual tour… Read more »