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England’s Earliest Kings: 5 Canute and the Turning of the Tide

The last 80 years of the Anglo-Saxon period saw turmoil with rival dynasties trying to take control.  Canute’s reign was a high point in this period.  His queen, Emma, was also a pivotal figure in our history. We will examine the decline of England’s security under Ethelred II and despite rich resources to call upon… Read more »

This tag: Mediaeval history

Time and Timepieces at the British Museum

The British Museum houses the National Horological Collection comprising some of the best clocks and timepieces ever made. We have had much time over the last two years to reflect on our lives and what is important to us.  By looking at the Museum’s collection of Timepieces and Clocks we can see how time was… Read more »

This tag: Mediaeval history

England’s Earliest Kings: 4 Athelstan King of All Britain

Athelstan called himself “Rex Totius Britanniae” and should be better known as the first  king to truly be king of the whole of England and was also recognised as overlord in Wales and Scotland. We will examine how Athelstan’s father and aunt went a long way to expelling the Danes from England and how he… Read more »