William Sterling

Anton Bruckner

Bruckner – his life and works

This course set out to try and raise the profile of a much underrated composer. An unassuming church organist, in many ways a most unlikely romantic hero, Bruckner did for the symphony and church music what Wagner did for opera and led the way to the revolutionary works of Mahler and others. His eleven symphonies, three masses, motets and great Te Deum are among the finest works from the late C19th but too rarely examined in the depth they deserve. The course covered Bruckner’s life chronologically and examined his symphonies and choral works in some depth together with where his influences came from and which other composers he influenced.

I ran this course at Crayford Manor (Bexley College) October-December 2007.

Bruckner Chronology

Below is the spreadsheet of Bruckner’s life and works which I created for the course.

Bruckner life and works