William Sterling

Services offered by William Sterling

I am a freelance lecturer with over 30 years of teaching experience. My main areas of expertise are the History of Music and History.

I can adapt any of my interests or previously-run courses (see below) to suit Adult Educational establishments in central or South East London either as one-day courses or longer courses. I am also happy to advise others further afield on how to run such courses and have considerable resources which I am happy to make available to other lecturers.  In 2011 I added Cruise Ship Lecturer to my experience with a series on Anglo-Saxons and Vikings on the Ocean Countess cruise to the Baltic and St Petersburg.

I also have extensive experience of giving guided tours at the British Museum for Schools, History Societies and Charities including Cancer Research, St Christopher Hospice and Macmillan Cancer Support (peruse British Museum Eyeopener Tours).  I have also given illustrated talks to History Societies, Music Societies and Charities and am happy to do so for others as long as my travelling expenses are covered.

Music interests

I specialise in 19th and 20th Century composers (explore Composers’ lives) but have also taught courses on 18th Century composers and more general courses covering periods from the Renaissance to the Present (explore Music features). I have made a particular study of women composers. I am also interested in the history of musical instruments.

History interests

My chief areas of interest are the Ancient World and the Middle Ages.  Within these I am especially interested in Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Etruria, Celtic and Roman Britain, the Anglo-Saxons (who were the focus of my PhD) and later Mediaeval history (explore History features).  I have a particular interest in cultural history and women’s history.  I have also taught courses on the Kings and Queens of England from the Bronze Age to the Present (explore Kings & Queens).