William Sterling

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Orpheus – Life after Death

Orpheus – Life after Death Unlike other Greek Heroes Orpheus was basically peaceful. He braved the Underworld and was one of the Argonauts. Ever since he has been a major influence for artists and composers. This course was run at the City Lit on Saturday 3rd March 2018. We studied the Greek Myths surrounding Orpheus… Read more »

Music For Coronations

This course was run at the City Lit on Saturday 20th October 2012, looking at the four coronations in the twentieth century and the music performed at them to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee. The four coronations between 1902 and 1953 came at interesting times and produced new music that reflected those times. We shall look… Read more »

Handel and Royalty

Handel fell in love with England on his first visit writing music for Queen Anne herself. He was reconciled with George I partly with his Water Music Suite and wrote the coronation music for George II. It is an examination of how closely his music and career was bound up with the British royal family… Read more »

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