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Sport in the Classical World

I run a tour at the British Museum inspired by the Olympic Games which covers the origin of the Ancient Olympics and what events were covered in those games.  We can discuss how modern games differ from and are similar to their ancient cousins. The tour also covers some of the games not at Olympia… Read more »

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

This course ran at the City Lit and the British Museum on Saturday 15th October 2016.  I also ran it as a three day course between Saturday 3rd and Saturday 17th November 2018. It is also suitable for cruises especially those in the Eastern Mediterranean. The following documents refer to the 2018 course. The course outline… Read more »

Great Sea Battles from the Classical World

Great Sea Battles from the Classical World – Salamis, Syracuse and Actium A general look at ships and sailing techniques in the Ancient World and how vessels were used in warfare.  This course was run at the National Maritime Museum on Sunday 25th March 2018. We looked at the strategies used by navies in the… Read more »

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