William Sterling

Gustav Holst

Vaughan Williams and Holst

Two great friends who pioneered a new English style with varying success. Not just the composers of Greensleeves and the Planets, Vaughan Williams and Holst followed Elgar’s lead as two of the standard bearers of the English Musical Renaissance. Both were from Gloucestershire but they met as students at the Royal College of Music in London and remained lifelong friends.

I an this course at Crayford Manor (Bexley College) January-March 2001.

Holst – not just the Composer of the Planets Suite

Gustav Holst’s Planets suite has provided the soundtrack for countless films and television documentaries and has become a firm favourite in the orchestral repertoire but most people know little of the rest of his compositions, still less about the man himself. This is for you if you have ever been uplifted by Jupiter, saddened by Mars or romanced by Venus and would like to know more.

I gave this talk at the DfE Music Society in January 2001.

Holst Works

Below is a spreadsheet of Holst’s works based on the one I used for the courses and improved recently.

Holst Works