William Sterling

Piotr Tchaikovsky


Whilst his contemporaries were torn between the traditionalists and the nationalists, Tchaikovsky tried to find a Third Way and succeeded in becoming the most popular composer Russia has ever produced. This course not only listened to his music but used videos of his ballets and operas to examine the dramatic genius of his ideas. The course examined Tchaikovsky’s contribution to the varied types of instrumental and vocal music he concentrated on comparing it to his contemporaries in the Nationalist and Germanic movements. His contribution to opera and ballet were of particular interest and illustrated with videos where available.

I ran this course at Crayford Manor (Bexley College) October-December 2005 and used it for a talk at the DfE Music Society in January 2002 called Not Just Sugar Plums and Dancing Swans.

Tchaikovsky Chronology

Below is a copy of the spreadsheets I created for the course listing Tchaikovsky’s Life and Works.

Tchaikovsky Life and Works