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Robert Schumann

Schumann and Schumann

This course examined the music and careers of Robert and Clara Schumann, how they were entwined and the influence on each other.  The course was run thematically with the first week being an overall chronology and then each week concentrating on one type of music such as Piano Muisc, Songs, Choral, Orchestral and Chamber, to each of which field both made contributions.

I ran this course at Crayford Manor (Bexley College) January-April 1999.

Schumann – from Genius to Madness

Robert Schumann could have been one of the greatest pianists of his time but for a tragic accident to his hand. Instead, he married one of the greatest pianists and concentrated on compositions for her to play. Apart from his Piano Concerto and the works for solo piano (such as Papillons and Scenes from Childhood) Schumann was also one of the greatest song writers of all time and one of the most original chamber music composers of the nineteenth century. His life was cut short by madness but his music continued to be promoted by his widow to be enjoyed ever since.

I gave this talk to the DfE Music Society in September 2003.

Robert Schumann chronology

The spreadsheets below were created for these courses.

Robert Schumann life and works