William Sterling

Anglo-Saxon Charters

Ever since I studied Tenth Century England with Professor Colin Richmond at Keele in 1978 I have been fascinated by Anglo-Saxon charters and the treasures they contain.  A long-held ambition to exploit this interest was realised when I registered for my PhD on “The Royal Women of Anglo-Saxon England” where I used the extensive charter evidence to throw new light on five Queens of Mercia c.770-918 and two West Saxon queens 939-1002.  Although there are several easily available published works for the charters there was no electronic resource available when I started.  I therefore decided to create my own spreadheet charter database which can be manipulated to produce extracts for particular monarchs, kingdoms, queens, witnesses, dates or whatever is required by the researcher.  Since I started it other electronic resources have become available but none so flexible.

Below is a small sample of what my database looks like and the full database will become availabel in the not too distant future.

extract from charters