William Sterling


Early and Late Mediaeval Europe

This tour starts at 2:45 each day and lasts about 40 minutes.  Following the reopening of the Early Mediaeval Gallery, Room 41, in Spring 2014 the tour has been updated to include both early and late objects from Mediaeval Europe.  The tour starts at the end of the Roman Empire with the dazzling Esquiline Treasure from Rome… Read more »

Charles I

The Life and Times of Charles I This was a one day course run at the City Lit on Sunday 23rd March 2014.  It is the second in a series of one day courses on the kings and queens of England.  The next one will be Queen Anne.  This is how Charles I was advertised:… Read more »

Charles II

Life and Times of Charles II Known to History as the Merry Monarch, Charles II is perhaps better remembered for his love of life than his politics. However, his reign saw momentous events ranging from the Plague and Great Fire of London to the founding of the Royal Society and the Royal Greenwich Observatory. His… Read more »

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