William Sterling


Victoria and Albert

The Life and Times of Victoria and Albert She gave her name to an Age. He gave us a cultural heritage to be proud of. Their marriage was a true love match and her widowhood from the age of 42, a national tragedy. Queen Victoria was our longest reigning monarch (so far). Her family life… Read more »

Sport in the Classical World

I run a tour at the British Museum inspired by the Olympic Games which covers the origin of the Ancient Olympics and what events were covered in those games.  We can discuss how modern games differ from and are similar to their ancient cousins. The tour also covers some of the games not at Olympia… Read more »

George III

Life and Times of King George III I ran this workshop at Crayford Manor (Bexley College) in November 1999 as part of a series on the Kings and Queens of England. I ran a new version at the City Lit on 22 March 2015 Infamous for “losing” America and going mad, George III was the… Read more »

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