William Sterling


Anglo Saxon Treasures

The first version of this course was about the invasion and settlement of post-Roman Britain by Germanic tribes contrasting the role of Bede, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and archaeology in interpretation. It provided an introduction to the wealth of treasures in the British Museum from burial sites and other archaeological digs in England dating from the… Read more »

Anglo-Saxon Charters

Ever since I studied Tenth Century England with Professor Colin Richmond at Keele in 1978 I have been fascinated by Anglo-Saxon charters and the treasures they contain.  A long-held ambition to exploit this interest was realised when I registered for my PhD on “The Royal Women of Anglo-Saxon England” where I used the extensive charter… Read more »

William and Mary

Life and Times of King William III and Queen Mary II A survey of the Life & Times of Britain’s only Joint Monarchs. They came to power in what was called the Glorious Revolution and although they only reigned a short while they laid the foundations for Modern Britain. It was also the period of… Read more »

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