William Sterling


At The British Museum

I must have fallen in love with the British Museum as a child of nine or ten when my Primary School teacher used to take us on school trips there on frequent occasions.  Sometimes these were for specific exhibitions such as the Captain Cook’s first voyage bicentenary in 1968, but it soon became my first… Read more »

Baltic Cruise Lecture 3

Lectures for Baltic and St Petersburg Cruise on the Ocean Countess July 2011 ANGLO-SAXONS AND VIKINGS – THE MAKING OF ENGLAND Lecture 3 The Vikings are Coming Summary of Lecture 2 In the first lecture we saw how Roman Britain was transformed by the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons and in Lecture 2 we examined how… Read more »

Figureheads, Ship Badges and Silverware

Figureheads, Ship Badges and Silverware – Nineteenth Century Classical References in the National Maritime Museum This course was designed to delve into classical myths used in naval related items by examining some of the NMM collection of C19th objects and was run on Sunday 25th February 2018. Following on from the previous course we looked… Read more »

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