William Sterling


George III

Life and Times of King George III  Infamous for “losing” America and going mad, George III was the first English-born king for over 70 years and a great patriot who supported agricultural improvements and helped advance learning in the Age of the Enlightenment.  This workshop explored his long life and how his attitude to kingship… Read more »

George IV

Life and Times of King George IV George IV is perhaps best remembered as the Prince Regent whose extravagance was matched by his good taste. He built Brighton Pavilion in an exotic style which led the way to great changes in fashion. The Regency Period is still one of the most admired in architecture typified… Read more »

Kings and Queens of England

Kings and Queens of England The aim of this course was to study the role of England’s kings and queens in the government and culture of the country and examine how that role has changed and whether it is still relevant today and in the future. This course ran from the little known pre-Roman monarchs… Read more »

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