William Sterling


William and Mary

Life and Times of King William III and Queen Mary II A survey of the Life & Times of Britain’s only Joint Monarchs. They came to power in what was called the Glorious Revolution and although they only reigned a short while they laid the foundations for Modern Britain. It was also the period of… Read more »

George I

From being the ruler of an obscure German electorate George I suddenly became king of on the most powerful nations in the world in his fifties. He was never popular in his new kingdom but established a constitutional monarchy which has survived to today. This course was run at the City Lit on Saturday 16th… Read more »

Charles I and Henrietta Maria

Life and times of Charles I and Henrietta Maria Charles was never meant to be king but rose to the challenge and he and Henrietta led a glittering court. Sadly they were at odds with Parliament and the people which led to Civil War. This course was run at the Queen’s House Greenwich on Saturday… Read more »

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