William Sterling


Joseph Haydn

Haydn and the English Although it happened late in his life Haydn’s association with the English had a huge impact on his music not least the 12 Symphonies, chamber and piano music he wrote for his two visits but his discovery of Handel’s oratorios on those visits had an enormous impact on his later choral… Read more »

Music and Art Inspired by Shakespeare 1

This is the first of six postings for lectures from the Cruise on the SAGA Pearl II to the Gulf of Bothnia. MUSIC AND ART INSPIRED BY SHAKESPEARE This series of Six Talks was devised to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in 2016. They were commissioned for a cruise to the Gulf of… Read more »

Handel and Royalty

Handel fell in love with England on his first visit writing music for Queen Anne herself. He was reconciled with George I partly with his Water Music Suite and wrote the coronation music for George II. It is an examination of how closely his music and career was bound up with the British royal family… Read more »

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