William Sterling


My Mag and Nunc

Written at Durham Cathedral Easter 1987 Magnificat Nunc Dimitis

Ethel Smyth

Dame Ethel Smyth, Composer and Suffragette The remarkable life of a pioneer of women composers in Britain. All six of her operas were performed in her lifetime and her March of the Women was the battle cry of the Suffragettes. The course followed Ethel Smyth’s remarkable career from conventional middle class background through her musical… Read more »

Zoltan Kodaly

Kodaly and Budapest This study was part of a longer course studying the history and culture of Budapest. We concentrated on Kodaly’s choral works and how they fitted in with the tradition of Hungarian choral works initiated by his greatest predecessor, Liszt. We compared Liszt’s Hungarian Coronation Mass with Kodaly’s similarly celebratory Buda Castle Te… Read more »

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