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Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor – The Black Mahler

Best known for his youthful masterpiece Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast, Coleridge-Taylor was considered by Elgar to be the most gifted composer of his generation.  He was the composing son of a West African father and English mother. His “Hiawatha” trilogy became one of the most popular choral works in England. His sad neglect recently is overdue being turned round.

I gave talks as part of Black History Month to the DfE Music Society in October 2006 and the HSE European Society in October 2007.  I ran a day workshop on him in October 2011 at the City Lit.

Coleridge-Taylor Chronology and List of Works

The link below shows the chronology and list of works I created for the course.

Coleridge Taylor Life and Works 2011

As they are not avaialble yet on the BBC iplayer I thought I would add some extracts from when Samuel was Composer of the Week in 2004.  The quality of recording is not brilliant but is okay for educational purposes.  I have not included works such as Hiawatha and the chamber works which are easily available elsewhere.  I understand the BBC is to produce a new Composer of the Week for Coleridge Taylor for the centenary celebrations in 2012.  Copywright for all these remains with the BBC who gave me permission to use for educational purposes.

COW1 01 talk and introduction

COW1 02 This is the Island Gardens

COW1 03 talk

COW1 04 Ballade in D minor

COW1 05 talk

COW2 01 Hiawatha Sketch

COW2 02 talk

COW2 03 Danse Negre

COW2 04 talk

COW2 05 4 Characteristic waltzes 1 Bohemian

COW2 06 talk

COW2 07 Ballade in A minor

COW2 08 talk

COW3 01 talk

COW3 03 talk

COW4 01 talk

COW4 02 Unmindful of the Roses

COW4 03 talk

COW4 07 talk

COW4 08 She Dwells by Great Kenhawa’s Side

COW4 09 talk

COW4 11 talk

COW5 01 talk

COW5 02 Big Lady Moon

COW5 03 talk

COW5 05 talk

COW5 07 talk

COW5 11 talk