William Sterling

SPOTLIGHT: History features

Women in Ancient Greece

Using literary sources and objects in the British Museum and elsewhere we compared and contrasted the attitude of the Ancient Greeks to women in society, as figures in mythology and as goddesses. We examined the position of women in Ancient Greece and the Greek colonies as well as the attitude to women as seen as… Read more »

Women in Etruria and Rome

Ancient Etruscan and Roman Women Comparing and contrasting women in the societies of Ancient Etruria, Ancient Rome and Roman Britain including the importance of the worship of goddesses. Examining the position of women in Ancient Italy as well as the attitude to women as seen as goddesses. The contrasting roles of women in Etruscan and… Read more »

The Trojan War

The Trojan War in Greek Art and Literature and Beyond The impact of the events and individuals associated with the Trojan War on the art and literature of Ancient Greece and its continuing influence. The myths surrounding the 10 year war between the Greek City States and Troy in c. 1200 BC including the events… Read more »

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