William Sterling


George II

Life and Times of King George II This workshop was run to complement the Music Appreciation Class on Handel and Royalty. George II is perhaps best remembered as the last British monarch to lead his troops into battle and also as the instigator of the custom of standing for the Hallelujah Chorus in Handel’s Messiah.… Read more »

Myth and Fact in Ancient Greece

This course took place at the City Lit and the British Museum on Tuesday 21st July 2015. We examined the myths and history of Ancient Greece in the morning and had a 2 hour guided tour of the museum in the afternoon.  Handouts included Greek Games Glossary Plays on the Heroes gods WOMEN IN GREEK… Read more »

James VII and II

Life and times of James VII & II Although his reign was one of the shortest in Britain James had a distinguished career before becoming king and an intriguing one in exile.  A Catholic convert he was doomed to fail in Protestant Britain.  This course was run at the City Lit on Saturday 10th March… Read more »

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