William Sterling


Anglo-Saxon Charters

Ever since I studied Tenth Century England with Professor Colin Richmond at Keele in 1978 I have been fascinated by Anglo-Saxon charters and the treasures they contain.  A long-held ambition to exploit this interest was realised when I registered for my PhD on “The Royal Women of Anglo-Saxon England” where I used the extensive charter… Read more »

Anglo-Saxon Women

The Anglo-Saxons ruled England for 600 years.  The role of women changed over that period and they often held important posts in politics and religion.  The class will include a visit to the British Museum. The course will examine the lives of women throughout the Anglo-Saxon period from the early settlers in the Fifth Century… Read more »

Greenwich Park

History of Greenwich Park and its Royal Connections Using slides from the local history library and from my own collection we looked at how the area that is now Greenwich Park was occupied in prehistoric times and then was the site of a Roman temple during their occupation. The enclosure by Duke Humphrey was looked… Read more »

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