William Sterling

The Trojan War

The Trojan War in Greek Art and Literature and Beyond

The impact of the events and individuals associated with the Trojan War on the art and literature of Ancient Greece and its continuing influence. The myths surrounding the 10 year war between the Greek City States and Troy in c. 1200 BC including the events leading up to the war, some of the conflicts of the war and some of the events in its aftermath. The marriage of Peleus and Thetis, the Judgement of Paris, Achilles’s battles with Penthesilea, Hector and others, the fall of Troy, the adventures of Odysseus, the fall of the house of Agamemnon and the stories of other heroes and villains.

I ran this course at the City Lit in October 2009.


Attached is the srcipt I wrote for a British Museum Spotlight tour on the Trojan War that I used when there was a special exhibition on some of the costumes from the film “Troy” in 2004.

Trojan War in the British Museum