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The Etruscans at the British Museum

The Etruscans are among the most mysterious of Ancient Europeans but they took many ideas from the Greeks and passed them on to the Romans whilst maintaining their own unique identity for 700 years or more.  The British Museum has a fine collection of gold, bronze, ceramics and other objects from the many tombs excavated… Read more »

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Ancient Games at the British Museum

The Modern Olympics have been held every 4 years since 1896 except during war or delayed for the pandemic.  The Ancient Olympics were held for over a thousand years and were only once delayed through the whim of the Emperor Nero. Objects from the games at Athens illustrate these games and how they differed from… Read more »

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Rome and Celtic Britain

The course will explore the relationship between Rome and Celtic Britain over the 500 years from Julius Caesar’s  first expedition in 55 BC to the period after the Romans left in AD 410.  The Romano-British still considered themselves to be part of the Roman sphere up to the 440s.  The relationship was often violent but… Read more »