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The Etruscans at the British Museum

The Etruscans are among the most mysterious of Ancient Europeans but they took many ideas from the Greeks and passed them on to the Romans whilst maintaining their own unique identity for 700 years or more.  The British Museum has a fine collection of gold, bronze, ceramics and other objects from the many tombs excavated… Read more »

This tag: Women’s history

England’s Earliest Kings: 5 Canute and the Turning of the Tide

The last 80 years of the Anglo-Saxon period saw turmoil with rival dynasties trying to take control.  Canute’s reign was a high point in this period.  His queen, Emma, was also a pivotal figure in our history. We will examine the decline of England’s security under Ethelred II and despite rich resources to call upon… Read more »

This tag: Women’s history

Women in Ancient Greece

Using literary sources and the British Museum, as well as other artefacts, we compare and contrast the attitude of Ancient Greeks to women in society, as figures in mythology, and as goddesses. The contrasting roles of women in Ancient Greece from other ancient societies and the difference in class.  The numerous female goddesses will be… Read more »