William Sterling

George III

Life and Times of King George III 

Infamous for “losing” America and going mad, George III was the first English-born king for over 70 years and a great patriot who supported agricultural improvements and helped advance learning in the Age of the Enlightenment.  This workshop explored his long life and how his attitude to kingship changed from wanting to exercise the powers that his Hanoverian ancestors had neglected into becoming a more constitutional monarch trusting exceptionally gifted politicians such as William Pitt the Younger who became our youngest Prime Minister and one of the longest serving.  Pitt was largely independent of party and ruled through a combination of his own oratorical skill and the support of the king.  George II and Queen Charlotte had a large family; fifteen children.  Although they were devoted parents their children were still a source of problems and frustrations.  The difficult relationship with the Prince of Wales was a constant worry for the king.  Meanwile there were great things going on in agriculture, industry and learning and George was interested in all the changes being brough about by the Enlightenment.  The course was illustrated by a large selection of slides from my own collection.

I ran this workshop at Crayford Manor (Bexley College) in November 1999 as part of a series on the Kings and Queens of England.

George III chronology

Below is a copy of the spreadsheet I created for the class showing a year by year list of events in George III’s life.

George III chronology