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The Queen’s House Greenwich

This tour was devised for a course entitled “Gods and Heroes: the influence of the Classical World on art in the C17th & C18th” at the Queen’s House in 2017 as the Queen’s House itself is the first neo-classical building in Britain and many of the objects displayed in it demonstrate the influence of the… Read more »

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Rome and Celtic Britain

The course will explore the relationship between Rome and Celtic Britain over the 500 years from Julius Caesar’s  first expedition in 55 BC to the period after the Romans left in AD 410.  The Romano-British still considered themselves to be part of the Roman sphere up to the 440s.  The relationship was often violent but… Read more »

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England’s Earliest Kings: 3 Alfred the Great and the Vikings

After the Mercian supremacy Wessex became the dominant kingdom in the C9th.  One reason was the kings managed to have capable sons to follow them thus avoiding the succession struggles of the Mercians.  Another was the remoteness from the Viking attacks which concentrated on the North Sea coast targeting Northumbria and East Anglia and pushing… Read more »