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Rome and Celtic Britain

The course will explore the relationship between Rome and Celtic Britain over the 500 years from Julius Caesar’s  first expedition in 55 BC to the period after the Romans left in AD 410.  The Romano-British still considered themselves to be part of the Roman sphere up to the 440s.  The relationship was often violent but… Read more »

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British Museum Top Ten Treasures

In 2003 to celebrate the museum’s 250th birthday various special events were held including a day of talks by Alan Bennett, Sandi Toksvig and other celebrities and some short tours by half a dozen of the Eye Openers – I did the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and Celtic Britain.  Four experts (J D Hill, Leslie Webster,… Read more »

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Ancient Rome and Celtic Britain

Ancient Rome and its encounters with Celtic Britain This course ran at the British Museum and City Lit on Saturday 8th December 2018. Britain was part of the Roman Empire for nearly 400 years from AD 43 to 410 but the association of the two civilisations went back a further century to Julius Caesar’s invasion… Read more »