William Sterling

Etruscan and Roman Mythology

This course ran at the City Lit on Monday 28th July 2014 and was a revised version of Days 2 and 3 of the Introduction to the European Galleries in the British Museum from 2013.

We surveyed Etruscan and Roman history in its days of glory and empire illustrated in the afternoon by a visit to the British Museum during which we examined key artefacts including the exquisite Portland Vase.

Italy before the ascent of Rome was dominated by the Etruscans who left magnificent tombs filled with pottery, statues and jewellery. By the C2nd BC Rome was in the ascendancy and gradually took over an empire stretching all-round the Mediterranean and beyond until it became so unwieldy it was split in the C3rd AD and then the Western half fell to Germanic tribes invading from the north in the C5th. Works examined include the Isis treasure, the Boccanera tiles, the Seianti sarcophagus, the Meroe bust of Augustus, the Portland Vase, the Warren Cup, the Crocodile armour, paintings from Pompeii, silver hoards and the Goose from the Constantinople Hippodrome.

The handouts from the day can be found below

The Etruscans a select bibliography

cities revised



Archaic Etruscan alphabet