William Sterling

Since 1994 I have been an eyeOpener trained volunteer guide at the British Museum (www.britishmuseum.org). The eyeOpener tours are designed to introduce visitors to different parts of the Museum. Once a month I lead guided tours of the Greek Galleries and Mediaeval Galleries. Check Events & Courses for upcoming tours.

Sport in the Classical World

I run a tour at the British Museum inspired by the Olympic Games which covers the origin of the Ancient Olympics and what events were covered in those games.  We can discuss how modern games differ from and are similar to their ancient cousins. The tour also covers some of the games not at Olympia but which Greeks and Romans participated in at other sites.

The tour starts upstairs in Room 69 which is about Life in Ancient Greece and Rome as well as Ancient Etruria. There are displays of the Athletic competitions: running, discus, javelin and long jump; Combat sports: boxing, wrestling and the Pankration; Equestrian events: horse racing and various types of chariot racing; as well as Gladiators and other individual objects such as a judge’s throne.  There are other related objects in nearby galleries and the tour concludes on the ground floor with more representations of sports on vases and in sculpture concluding with statues of victorious athletes including the famous Discobolus.

The tour can be booked either through the British Museum or direct from me using the contact details below.

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The Depiction of Sport in Ancient Greece final

The Depiction of Sport small